Monday, January 24, 2011

What's the Big Ideal anyways?

Purpose:  What is the purpose of being here?  Why do we wake up everyday and do what we do?  Is there a purpose?  Can we live without a purpose?  Is our purpose for us or for the people around us, do people depending on you literally and figuratively give you purpose? If you're alone what happens?

Relationship:  How do we relate to others?   Do we choose who we relate ourselves to?  Do these relationship matter?   Can you relate to a total stranger?  Can you relate to a family member?  What do you get from a relationship?  Does it matter in the long run who we know and who knows us?  Relationships preserve who we are, if nobody knew us and what we did then would we really exist.

Life/Death:  The two things that we are destined to do.  Does anything in between these two events matter?  You appear in your local newspaper when these things happen.  Joy and happiness versus gloomy and sadness.  Both events are looked forward to.  Where you are born is not where you will die.  The people that were there when you were may not be there when you die.  You life accumulates things and people that you have to let go of when you die.  One thing you have when you die that you didn't have when you were born is memory, it starts with your first breath and it follows you until you die, the memory of you and your existence. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet My Digital Artist

Christopher Haines art work can be found at www.  Here's one of my favorite ones.

Denotation: This picture is mainly in black and white with a little bit a light pink spread out throughout the picture.  There is a panda sitting on its behind with its two hind legs spread out and it front paws in front of it with one paw extended out with something in it.  There is white rabbit in from of the panda bear facing him.  They are sitting in a clearing of what looks like the woods with the ground covered in snow.  There are little mushrooms on the ground, some are pink and some are white. The tree branches are bare with gray strokes.

Connotation: The placement of these two animals I feel represents that they are out of the norm.  Pandas are predominantly found in a warm environment such as the Southeastern Asia.  Here it is most likely winter somewhere noted by the white ground and bare branches.  The gray strokes thoughout could be snow falling or snow being moved by the wind.  Just the fact that the two animals being together in such a peaceful environment is out of the norm.  This to me is the artists trying to say that it takes extra measures to bring harmony to the world, like taking two opposite animals out of their usual environment to get this extraordinary moment in time.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's happening on my itouch!

So I just got Monopoly and the new Taylor Swift album during winter break and have been addicted since.