Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blog 4

I kept with the same Big Idea I've been working with all quarter and that is "Life built on Moments".  I want to illustrate the different aspects of moments, not so much a moment specifically but the different ways we experience them.  For the final I wanted to illustrate the overlapping of moments such as a person's home.  You create many moments at your home but when you think of your home you don't necessarily remember each individual moment but instead there's an overlapping of those moments and experience that create your home.  For the final project the technique that I set out to accomplish was animation, it was hard at first to see how it would fit in with my idea.  I used it not so much to move an image across the screen but more of a blending tool.

For this project I went through all my pictures and found a lot of pictures of my house.  They differ in time of the day and time of the year.  They illustrated different stages of improvements that we were making, different images of our children, different cars we have had, etc. and placed them on top of each other, making them transparent and blending them together like we would do in our memories.

I picture my Final project to be played on a screen somewhere in a museum, but on a personal level I would like to have it playing in the digital picture frame at home to reflect and remind us of how much we have done in our home. 

The different things and people that influence my work would be scrap booking.  I love to scrapbook but didn't necessarily know why it was important to me until I started this class.  It reflects a life, and moments in life, when you look at a scrapbook you see what a person's life is made up of.  Another thing that influenced my work was time itself, how does time play a role in our life,  how do you illustrate time?  Time lapsed photography does just that.  It is the illustration of moments define by time.  I looked at the works of Sandra Bauser who uses bubbles to reflect on her own images.  Its all about perspective.

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