Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog 3 My Inspirations

Here are some of the people and the stuff I'm looking at for my final project.  Sorry for some reason I've been having trouble with the pics  Hope it works this time!
At first I didn't find an artist that necessarily embraced my big idea the way that I wanted to portray it but there is a website that is full of digital pictures that could be used as backgrounds for your computer.
wallcoo.net.  These images are literally "desktops" composed of things that a certain person is interested in.  You pick an illustration that reflects the kind of person are or want to be,the life you have or want to have.

Her images involve faireis and has a mystical vibe.  I relate to her art because she used bubbles to depict my big idea of "Life built on Moments". 

The image depends on what bubble and at what angle of the bubble you are looking at.

Sam Javanrouh is the artist that I used to for my ideal of time lapse. 

Sam Javanrouh is the man behind top photography blog daily dose of imagery, and a talented photographer in his own right. Javanrouh created the top time-lapse photo out of six photos shot in about a two hour time frame in downtown Toronto. To achieve this effect, Javanrouh uses ‘Pclix’, a device that allows you to trigger the shutter of your digital camera at much shorter intervals than is possible manually.



  1. I really like the pictures you used for your research! I can see where you got you inspiration!

  2. I like the idea and the pictures you use. I find it easy to relate to and the pictures really relay what you are trying to portray.