Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Movie Poster

This movie poster is more neutral as far as color scheme.  It has a light calming affect and the text on it is very simple and not in your face.  The main focus is on the couple on the cover,  They are large, centered and focused.  This can be seen as a romance, a love story because of the way these character are positioned in this poster, they seem intimate with each other.  The targeted audience would be younger couples being that they can relate to this couple. Older couples could be interested too, to maybe go back to the earlier stages in their relationship.  Guys name John could be interested because their name is in the title, most likely not but I'm just covering all the bases.  The most likely audience are young girls because girl are interact to want and look for relationships at this age while guys aren't.  Girls like their guys to be like this while guys prefer a girls to look single and available not with some other guy on the beach cuddling.

This movie poster has a darker color scheme.  The colors are bold and stand out.  The image of a person in a spider suit with an intense look symbolizes the importance and seriousness.  The image shows action because the character is on the outside of what appears to be a very high building holding on to a string with just one hand.  It doesn't look like there's a physical struggle but more of an internal struggle since the reflection of the character is different from its real image.  The line at the top confirms this observation.  The title itself is very sharp as far as the font and coloring.  The color reminds me of metal and and the font is slanted to give it depth.  The background is very busy, full of building and the sun is setting.  This movie poster would appeal to an audience that is into watching a serious action movie.  I would say it appeals to guys because the character appears to be a guy and guys are more interested in Spiders then girls.

The differences between these two are that the images they are portraying involve different atmospheres.  One being a calm beach and the characters being calm with each other while the other is at a high and intense place and the character is in conflict with his image.  The fact that he is so high up gives it the unique feeling of something is about to happen because if the character was just standing in front of a bathroom mirror and his reflection was different you wouldn't feel the same way, less urgency to know why.  The same with the first movie poster if the characters were placed in a different position or in a different place it would change the interpretation as well.

This is the new movie poster I'm created for the movie Dear John.  This focuses more on the John character and the other role he plays in the movie and that is the role of the soldier.  I still include an image of the female character but she is more in the background and isn't so much the main focus anymore and their relationship isn't the main concept anymore either.  I used the flag as the background to enhance the importance of him being a soldier and patriotic.  The audience that this new poster target is those that are into patriotic movie and into action.   This image is more targeted toward guys and soldiers.   This is something that they might find easier to relate to.


  1. I really like your movie poster! You did an awesome job of putting together the posters. I like the composition and you did a great job with the colors. I can't figure out how you made the guy shooting the gun a little see through. Could you tell me how you did that?

  2. I like the movie poster a lot. I saw both of these movies and i personally would like to see your transformed version of Dear John instead of the original.