Monday, February 21, 2011

Midterm Artist Statement

My Big Idea is “Life Built on Moments”.  I explored the different ways of viewing moments.  This idea is important to me because the moments from the past that we reflect on in the present influence the choices we make for our future.  When you look at a picture, it brings a moment back, a feeling that we haven't felt for a while.  I got this idea through my research on the term life.  I got images that related to relationships, journeys, and other factors that life is built on.  These are all moments that affect us and mold who we are.  Moments is such a vague and big thing that is hard to illustrate, I knew it was important to me but I didn't know why, I didn't know what I wanted to portray.  I looked at images from Google and, nothing made me jump but it finally clicked.  I didn't have to portray "moments" itself but the way we reconnect with them. I decided the aspects I would concentrate on was how does one moment affect the next and how does the way we look at these moments change their meaning. 

Moments can be something that happened in the past, is happening in the present, or will happen in the future.  Moments can be a combination of all three.  A moment can occur in the present searching for the future while reflecting on the past.  In the first image, the future is depicted by the windshield being a blur of two roads but still green and intriguing.  The past is reflected in the rear view mirror with a clear image.  This symbolizes the road that has already been taken and the present is just being there and able to see the two interact with each other. 

Moments are only defined by how we see things.  These moments are manipulated by our memories.  We reflect on them with lenses that we create in our minds.  Our environment and current status changes the way we view each moment.  The second image shows that being in one setting (black and white) might make us yearn for a different setting (color).  The sunglasses symbolize the lenses that we chose to reflect on these moments with.  It is used to show us what we want to see. 


  1. Hi Linh, your big idea, "life built on moments", we experience moments one at a time, what a great process! I believe you hit the nail on the head! Past, present and future in view or in contemplation from the driver's seat of a car, very powerful! I agree, we each see the world from our own perspective using our memories and environment. Impressive execution!

  2. Linh,
    I really liked your big idea, and I thought you did an awesome job of interpreting the meaning. Both of your artworks were well done and looked very convincing. : )

  3. Linh again, great work. I think your thought process for both were terrific. The concept of the rear-view mirror in contrast with the forward-directed road was very strong. Similarly the contrast between the rising sun but the woman's perception of the event was great.

    I think you're doing well with the techniques as well--particularly the blending and layering used in the second portion of your project.