Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rough Idea

My Big Idea is Life.  I started off with the idea of Life and Death and decided that I wanted to compare them since they are the two things that we can't really determine when it will happen.  I started by looking up pictures of Life and realize that life is filled with big and little moments that are sometimes taken for granted.  Then I decided to concentrate on life more than death because death itself is a part of life.  I also find that in life we form so many different kinds of relationships and find that these relationships is what forms us as humans.  So with this idea I branched into measurement of life.  What is a fulfilled life?  What is a life worth living? Are there any that aren't?  We are living for more than just death.

In my brainstorming project I have sayings of life itself portrayed in pictures.  I also have pictures of different relationships formed in life and the bonds that are created  are moments themselves.  There are pictures portraying the journey and the way we measure our life.

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